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Bubble Tea Machine and Equipment

There are a few pieces of essential equipment for a making bubble tea or boba tea like the professionals.

1) Bubble Tea Sealing Machine
2) Bubble Tea Shaking Machine
3) Commercial Grade Blender

In most bubble tea shops, you'll find all of the above. Although some people these are just optional, but here is why we believe all three are imperative and necessary:

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1) Any good shop should have a bubble tea cup sealing machine. Without it, the bubble tea is just not the same. Machines can seal both PET and PP (different types of plastic), so based on what kind of cups you want to use, you'll need to carefully choose the type of bubble tea machine to use. These machines not only create spill-proof cups that are great for to-go establishments, they do a tremendous amount for marketing. Get a customized cup or sealing film, and soon your customers will be walking around the whole town advertising. It's a great tool for marketing and a wise investment for brand recognition and building up your name and reputation.

2) Bubble tea experts know that bubble tea must be shaken well to taste the best. When you see the frothy foam of a shakened bubble tea, you'll know it's done right. These bubble tea shaking machines take the manual work out of it. Instead of shaking drinks day after day (some shops sell over 400 drinks per day), these machines can ensure quality and consistency. Just put the contents in your cocktail shaker for your bubble tea concoction, and let the bubble tea machine do the rest of the work.

3) Some shops make the horrible mistake of using a regular home blender for their drinks. Though they may work for a few drinks, bubble tea businesses really need to invest in a commercial grade blender. Both Blendtec and Vitamix have some good models perfect for this use. Commercial grade blenders provide a nice, evenly blended drink time and time again, and has sufficient power to finely make boba tea or bubble tea smoothies, ice-blended drinks, or slushes.

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